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Well that was fun

You may know this already, but we are back.

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From Gheto to ghetto

ghetto (/ˈɡɛtəʊ/)

noun : a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.

Most people would understand what was meant if an area of a city was refered to as a ‘ghetto’. A few weeks ago we visited the original ghetto – Gheto.

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Livin’ la vida local

Last Saturday, as I walked hurriedly and with purpose to our local shops, muttering “permisso” to every stupid tourist who stopped right in the middle of the street to consult their paper maps (they are not going to help, people!!!!), I noticed I was becoming a local. Continue reading “Livin’ la vida local”

Normal city things, Venetian style

Even in summer, when tourists outnumber locals more than two to one, Venice is a city where people live. In any place where people live, stuff needs to happen day-to-day. This stuff can get complicated when everything needs to happen by boat or on foot. Continue reading “Normal city things, Venetian style”

Road trip retrospective

After 24 hours of travel, we arrived in Venice. We took a few days to settle into our new home, vomited profusely, then jumped on a train to begin 3 weeks exploring Italy. Continue reading “Road trip retrospective”

The bad and good parts about having gastro in Venice

Last week we discovered that being sick really sucks in Venice. Being elderly would also suck. Being sick and elderly would be the absolute pits. Continue reading “The bad and good parts about having gastro in Venice”

Siamo arrivati!

Two awesome things to report today:

1) Neither child vomited on the plane.
2) The house we are staying in is amazeballs.

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Venice, and why you too should go for three months

A common refrain when I mention we have three months in Venice is “It isn’t that big is it? What will you do for that long?” The answer to that is simple. We intend to get lost. A lot.

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