Have Visa, Will Travel

Adventures of the Melik Binghams

Hanging with the Brus

The 25th May is a public holiday in France – Ascension Day, signifying the 40th day of Easter when Jesus dropped the mic here on Earth and went to heaven. We took advantage of this in the south of France. Luckily for us, public holidays and weekends are completely irrelevant for the time being. However, the time off meant we could spend an extra long weekend with Laurent and Agnes and family. Continue reading “Hanging with the Brus”

Of Spinners And Fidgeting

The kids desperately wanted a fidget spinner, and we desperately wanted the kids to not have a fidget spinner. In a effort to suck the joy out of the spinner, we told the kids they could have one if they jointly wrote and presented a persuasive text on the issue.

This is what they produced. Continue reading “Of Spinners And Fidgeting”

Road trip retrospective

After 24 hours of travel, we arrived in Venice. We took a few days to settle into our new home, vomited profusely, then jumped on a train to begin 3 weeks exploring Italy. Continue reading “Road trip retrospective”

Bill Murray and the happy travels/happy marriage theory

Bill Murray is a very wise man. He once gave a young couple some advice that went something like, if you love someone take that person and travel the world. If you still love them when you get back then they are the one for you and you should get married immediately. Continue reading “Bill Murray and the happy travels/happy marriage theory”

French people are nice

When we were young and stupid, we spent the night in the house of random strangers after finding ourselves with no bed for the night. Now 15 years later we are driving 8 hours to southern France to spend a week with those same randoms. Continue reading “French people are nice”

The bad and good parts about having gastro in Venice

Last week we discovered that being sick really sucks in Venice. Being elderly would also suck. Being sick and elderly would be the absolute pits. Continue reading “The bad and good parts about having gastro in Venice”

Siamo arrivati!

Two awesome things to report today:

1) Neither child vomited on the plane.
2) The house we are staying in is amazeballs.

Continue reading “Siamo arrivati!”


In just a couple weeks, eighteen months of planning and waiting will come to fruition. At the beginning, we had so much time. We wouldn’t be leaving for ages. Now, just like that, it is almost upon us. Continue reading “Lasts”

A strangely pleasant experience at the Italian Consulate

So there’s this thing called the Schengen area. Most EU countries, except Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the UK, are part of it. I’m sure it’s great for people who live in the EU as they can cross borders without showing their passport but it kind of sucks for us Aussies.

Continue reading “A strangely pleasant experience at the Italian Consulate”

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