Have Visa, Will Travel

Adventures of the Melik Binghams




In just a couple weeks, eighteen months of planning and waiting will come to fruition. At the beginning, we had so much time. We wouldn’t be leaving for ages. Now, just like that, it is almost upon us. Continue reading “Lasts”

A strangely pleasant experience at the Italian Consulate

So there’s this thing called the Schengen area. Most EU countries, except Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the UK, are part of it. I’m sure it’s great for people who live in the EU as they can cross borders without showing their passport but it kind of sucks for us Aussies.

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What I Expect, by Oliver

We are going to Europe for six months and it’s going to be fun because we are going to discover new places we’ve never been to before. Germany is an example. Also last time we went to Venice we didn’t see all of it so we will see the rest of it this time.

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What I Expect, by Lucy

We are going to Italy and France and I am very excited. We are going for six months. We are going to go to awesome places and Oli is going to say “this church is boring”. I am going to have so much fun!

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Yay! We now actually ‘have visa’ and in two and a half months we ‘will travel’. Continue reading “Finally!”

What’s all this about?

It was another balmy August afternoon in Oak Beach, Far North Queensland. I woke up from the second of my daily naps. Staring out the window, I took a moment to soak in the view of the rainforest. We (Svet and I) were coming to the end of a week and a half of FNQ holidaying. Napping and view-soaking were luxuries available for one key reason. The kids were 2400-odd kms south, enjoying time with grandparents in chilly Melbourne.

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