Have Visa, Will Travel

Adventures of the Melik Binghams




In Greece my favourite thing was the first resort. Continue reading “Greece”

A Kid’s Guide to Disneyland

You should go to Disneyland because it has lots of fun rides and yummy food. Continue reading “A Kid’s Guide to Disneyland”

A Kids’ Guide to Sailing at Luxembourg Gardens

If you go to Paris you must do the boats at Luxembourg Gardens. Continue reading “A Kids’ Guide to Sailing at Luxembourg Gardens”

Germany and Austria, by Oli

Continue reading “Germany and Austria, by Oli”

Germany and Austria, by Lucy

Continue reading “Germany and Austria, by Lucy”

Lucy’s journal in Budapest and Amsterdam

On Tuesday we flew to Budapest. Continue reading “Lucy’s journal in Budapest and Amsterdam”

Oli in Budapest and Amsterdam

Today we arrived in Budapest. Continue reading “Oli in Budapest and Amsterdam”

Triumphal March

The reason why I am doing a piece of writing is this. We went to the Teatro La Fenice to get tickets for a opera and I saw a line of music boxes. I like music boxes so I bought the one I liked best which was called Triumphal March. Dad said I could only get it if I wrote something about it. This is the something I wrote. Continue reading “Triumphal March”

Of Spinners And Fidgeting

The kids desperately wanted a fidget spinner, and we desperately wanted the kids to not have a fidget spinner. In a effort to suck the joy out of the spinner, we told the kids they could have one if they jointly wrote and presented a persuasive text on the issue.

This is what they produced. Continue reading “Of Spinners And Fidgeting”

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