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Cool things to do in Paris

Paris is ridiculously enormous. You can’t walk it in an hour and a half like you can Venice. In fact you can hardly walk from one side of your own area to the other in that time. Continue reading “Cool things to do in Paris”

The one time I liked London

I’ve never been a major fan of London. It’s probably not London’s fault, just a matter of crappy circumstances. Continue reading “The one time I liked London”

How to stay (almost) sane in Versailles

Versailles’ scaringly massive size means that most people approach it with a mix of excitement and trepidation. If you’re a glass half full person, you can thank your lucky stars that you only have 800 hectares to visit.

Continue reading “How to stay (almost) sane in Versailles”

The not so fun moments of our trip

I’m a massive fan of telling it like it is, which is something people often neglect to do when they are on holidays. We generally tend to show people the pretty family snaps of us laying on a beach in Bali rather than the reality of us sitting on a toilet for three days because we accidentally drank the water. I get it as I know which I’d rather see. Continue reading “The not so fun moments of our trip”

Milan and what it means to me

Two weeks ago Andrew spontaneously said “Let’s go to Milan for a night.” and so we did just because we can – #Europeanlife.

Milan doesn’t seem to be high on the agenda for most tourists as people assume it’s boring. I hadn’t been there since I was four and a half when my family immigrated to Australia so I was pretty excited to be able visit it again. Especially after listening to my parents stories of their travels there.

Continue reading “Milan and what it means to me”

Livin’ la vida local

Last Saturday, as I walked hurriedly and with purpose to our local shops, muttering “permisso” to every stupid tourist who stopped right in the middle of the street to consult their paper maps (they are not going to help, people!!!!), I noticed I was becoming a local. Continue reading “Livin’ la vida local”

Bill Murray and the happy travels/happy marriage theory

Bill Murray is a very wise man. He once gave a young couple some advice that went something like, if you love someone take that person and travel the world. If you still love them when you get back then they are the one for you and you should get married immediately. Continue reading “Bill Murray and the happy travels/happy marriage theory”

The bad and good parts about having gastro in Venice

Last week we discovered that being sick really sucks in Venice. Being elderly would also suck. Being sick and elderly would be the absolute pits. Continue reading “The bad and good parts about having gastro in Venice”

Siamo arrivati!

Two awesome things to report today:

1) Neither child vomited on the plane.
2) The house we are staying in is amazeballs.

Continue reading “Siamo arrivati!”

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