The Eiffel Tower is fun to climb. It has a great view from the top.

When you are climbing up the stairs and you look on the side you’ll see some numbers telling you how many stairs you’ve walked. Once you are at the top you can see how many steps there were.

Numbers on the stairs of the Eiffel Tower so you know how far you've got to go.
Numbers on the stairs of the Eiffel Tower so you know how far you’ve got to go.

It was easy to walk up because you can sit down on the stairs and rest if you need. You can see all the metal structure and the machines that run the lifts.

On the first floor there’s glass that you can stand on and see through to the ground. It’s really creepy. It’s an open space and so when the wind blows it’s creepy and you feel like you could fall down.


  • You should go to level two and get macaroons.
  • It’s better to walk than take the lift because in the lift you can’t see as many things.
  • You should probably go first thing in the morning because there aren’t that many people there and it’s quicker.


Taking the stairs to the second level costs €5 and the lift costs €8 for kids. The lift to the top from the second level is another €4.50. Adults are double the cost for kids.

How to get there

RER C stops at Champs de Mars-Tour Eiffel. The Bir-Hakeim metro stop is on line 6. There are lots of buses that stop nearby.