In Greece my favourite thing was the first resort.

It had a big pool, private pool, boating, tennis, kids tennis, soccer, basketball, rugby, minigolf, table tennis, chess and pottery making. Mum, Oli and I did pottery making. Mum and Oli did the pottery wheel and I did handmade. I had fun squashing and prodding the clay. There was a food bar and a restaurant. We got served at the beach. I loved the club sandwich. I also loved kayaking because we can have war with the waves. At the beach Oli and I did rockstacking but the tide went out and destroyed the city. We also went swimming with the fishes and we found lots of black fish.

"Camping" in a cave
“Camping” in a cave
When we moved to Delphi we met a friendly cat. He came to our house every day and night. At the hotel we got breakfast every morning at the breakfast room. We had a lovely view from the balcony. The walk we went on was 6 km and we walked all of it. We also walked to a cave. Somebody had camped there because there was a campfire with ash. Oli and I made a campfire out of sticks outside and the ash from the other fire. Outside of the cave there was lots of farm fields.

The Oracle of Delphi surveys her territory
The Oracle of Delphi surveys her territory
Delphi was built on ruins but some people knew and told the government and the whole town was moved. The Oracle lived at Delphi, and people would come and ask questions and go home with an answer like “the ducks are migrating west” or something more dumb.

My favourite restaurant was in a town called a Arachova. I had souvlaki and tzatziki. It was so good.