The reason why I am doing a piece of writing is this. We went to the Teatro La Fenice to get tickets for a opera and I saw a line of music boxes. I like music boxes so I bought the one I liked best which was called Triumphal March. Dad said I could only get it if I wrote something about it. This is the something I wrote.

Aida is an opera written by Antonio Ghislanzoni and music by Giuseppe Verdi. It was made to celebrate the opening of the Khedivial opera house. Aida’s first show was in 1871 although the opera house opened in 1870. The reason why Aida was delayed is the costumes and stage equipment were stuck in Paris during the siege of Paris in the Franco Prussian war.

Aida is an opera set in Egypt about an Egyptian princess held prisoner and she lies about her identity. She becomes a slave of the king’s son Amneris and falls in love with the Egyptian general Radames.

The Triumphal March is in act 2, scene 2 and goes for about 5 minutes and 45 seconds. The scene is a March of Egyptians followed by dancing.

The person that did the music, Giuseppe Verdi, was born in Le Roncole, Italy on the 10th October, 1813 and died in Milan, Italy on the 27th of January 1901. Verdi’s most famous opera is either La Traviata or Aida. Antonio Ghislanzoni, the writer of Aida, was born on the 25th November 1824, in  Lecco, Italy and died on the 16th of July 1893, in Caprino Bergamasco, Italy.

There have been some Aida movies like the one in 1953 starring Sophia Loren and Lois Maxwell.