The kids desperately wanted a fidget spinner, and we desperately wanted the kids to not have a fidget spinner. In a effort to suck the joy out of the spinner, we told the kids they could have one if they jointly wrote and presented a persuasive text on the issue.

This is what they produced.


Oli and I should definitely have a fidget spinner. Some people say that they make you fidget but we are against that. Others like Oli and I think that it is a fun thing like a toy. So I strongly believe that kids should have a fidget spinner.

Argument For

Whenever we get annoying we can play with the fidget spinners to calm us down. If we have played with it for so long and we have calmed down you can tell us to stop and we promise to stop.

Would you rather yell at us or tell us to do something fun. You definitely would choose the second option.

Argument Against

There are also some downsides to a fidget spinner.

It could become a habit, we could become unaware of our surroundings or we could be too busy playing with our fidget spinners and not want to do anything. But Oli and I don’t think any of these things will happen. This is because we will not use it too much, we will not take it out all the time or become lazy playing with it all day because Oli and I will have a limited time using it like the iPad.

Argument For

What happens if we are bored and the rest of our family is sick? Have a fidget spinner of course!

If we are bored Lucy and I can spin our fidget spinners to have something to occupy us. Lucy and I could happily play with our fidget spinners for ever and ever. Anyway, who wouldn’t want a cheap toy that provides fun for hours?!

When we arrived in Venice a month ago, all my family was sick. Instead of sitting on my bed reading Harry Potter on the kindle all day, I could have learned tricks on my fidget spinner which is at least 100 times more fun!

We could think of a bunch more reasons why a fidget spinner is better than no fidget spinner, but why bother, we have already persuaded you!


We strongly believe that kids should have a fidget spinner because we can calm down and you don’t have to get angry at us. It is also a fun toy to play with and you have got something to do when you are bored. There are some downsides to a fidget spinner though. It could become a habit or we might only care about the fidget spinners.

We have also made some rules for the fidget spinner.

They are…

  • We are not allowed to concentrate on the fidget spinners too much,
  • There is a time limit of 30-40 min a day except in the plane and long train rides,
  • We are allowed to bring it outside of the house 3-4 days a week and of course, not use it too much.

We definitely need a fidget spinner!

Addendum from the editor : Both kids managed to lose their spinners within a week. Oli has purchased a second. Lucy has yet to commit her funds to another.