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Adventures of the Melik Binghams


June 2017

Livin’ la vida local

Last Saturday, as I walked hurriedly and with purpose to our local shops, muttering “permisso” to every stupid tourist who stopped right in the middle of the street to consult their paper maps (they are not going to help, people!!!!), I noticed I was becoming a local. Continue reading “Livin’ la vida local”

Normal city things, Venetian style

Even in summer, when tourists outnumber locals more than two to one, Venice is a city where people live. In any place where people live, stuff needs to happen day-to-day. This stuff can get complicated when everything needs to happen by boat or on foot. Continue reading “Normal city things, Venetian style”

Triumphal March

The reason why I am doing a piece of writing is this. We went to the Teatro La Fenice to get tickets for a opera and I saw a line of music boxes. I like music boxes so I bought the one I liked best which was called Triumphal March. Dad said I could only get it if I wrote something about it. This is the something I wrote. Continue reading “Triumphal March”

Hanging with the Brus

The 25th May is a public holiday in France – Ascension Day, signifying the 40th day of Easter when Jesus dropped the mic here on Earth and went to heaven. We took advantage of this in the south of France. Luckily for us, public holidays and weekends are completely irrelevant for the time being. However, the time off meant we could spend an extra long weekend with Laurent and Agnes and family. Continue reading “Hanging with the Brus”

Of Spinners And Fidgeting

The kids desperately wanted a fidget spinner, and we desperately wanted the kids to not have a fidget spinner. In a effort to suck the joy out of the spinner, we told the kids they could have one if they jointly wrote and presented a persuasive text on the issue.

This is what they produced. Continue reading “Of Spinners And Fidgeting”

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