Two awesome things to report today:

1) Neither child vomited on the plane.
2) The house we are staying in is amazeballs.

We arrived in Venice at 1pm and took a water taxi to our canal. I felt like a celebrity traveling through Venice in our beautiful shiny wooden boat. Felt distinctly less of a celebrity dragging our 6 suitcases 200 meters to our new home.

Our Venetian home

Our house takes up the entire top floor of a 16th century building. The three storey building was originally one house but is now three separate apartments. The lovely owners, Maria and Giorgio, live on the first floor. The building belonged to Giorgio’s father and the floor we are living on was the servants quarters during its glory days. It’s absolutely gigantic and bright, especially for Venetian standards.

The view from our bedroom window.
The view from our bedroom window.

There is plenty of storage, which is awesome considering how much I packed! It seemed a reasonable amount until we had to lug it all up the gazzilion steps. Maria sweetly questioned our need for so much stuff. I justified it by telling her we are away for 6 months but she was still dubious, as was I. Especially after I started unpacking. I hung up my small but stylish collection of clothes and was rather proud of myself for choosing so wisely and only taking the essential items. That was until I opened the other suitcase and realised I had only unpacked half my clothes. I do indeed have a problem.

Our first walk

Lucy was pretty keen to start our adventure so marked a walking route for us on a map. For some reasons she thought going to see a bunch of churches would be fun so we headed off, led by our little 8 year old, church obsessed, tour guide. She quickly got over attempting to follow the map as it’s pretty much impossible in this crazy maze-like city. We did end up coming across a few churches but they were closed to heathens/tourists. I presume it’s because it is Sunday and churches are actually used for religious purposes, not just to admire. We stood outside one for a while because there was some beautiful Gregorian chanting happening inside. One church we came across had a bunch of musicians playing outside and people from the age of two to 90 dancing in a big circle. It was pretty cool and made me think how great religion is in terms of getting the community together. In every other way it sucks though but it’s nice it has one redeeming feature.

Getting over it

The kids were being great, considering how little sleep they had in the last two days but they were getting pretty tired and starting to complain. I told them that I will put up with their grumbling because they just spent an entire day on the plane but if they complain this much on other days I’m shipping them back home to their grandparents. This wasn’t the best move as they started complaining that we didn’t love them enough.

We went out for dinner and had some amazing pizzas. Lucy almost fell asleep in her plate and Oli was completely out of it. We told them we had to go to the supermarket after dinner as tomorrow is a public holiday so the shops would be closed. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Lucy said she just wants to go to bed and declared that this is absolutely THE worst day in her entire life!!

Poor abused children.

First morning

Woke up with an overwhelming sense of happiness that there is no rush to see the 4 million glorious things that this city has to offer. Two seconds later another thought crept in that even one lifetime won’t be enough to see everything we would want to. Three months is just not enough, especially with the amount of travel we will be doing.

The church bells started to ring and they were so lovely. Not jarring and loud but muffled and echoey. It sounded like they were quietly walking around the city waking people up to start their day. I have decided I could quite happily live here forever. We would have to get a sausage dog as that seems to be the only way to identify locals from tourists.

Cruising the canals on the way to our villa.
Cruising the canals on the way to our villa.

The kids woke up at 9:30am in high spirits and are happily playing Uno as I type this. Hopefully their awesome sleep will mean I don’t have to follow up on shipping them back home today.