We are going to Europe for six months and it’s going to be fun because we are going to discover new places we’ve never been to before. Germany is an example. Also last time we went to Venice we didn’t see all of it so we will see the rest of it this time.

We will be moving around a lot for the first little part and we have planned a Google map for the places we will stay. We are living in a house in Venice for three months and three months in Paris. After a while I am going to adjust to living in a different house. It will be like when we moved to the unit, I adjusted.

There will be a lot of time we are in the car. When we are in the same place we will explore the area around it. We will be learning a new language sometimes. We will be homeschooled. That will be fun, because mum and dad know what I like and want to know so we can do a variety of activities I am interested in. We will get homeschooling homework, which will be similar to homework we get from school.

The benefits of living in the same house are that you get to know where everything is, like knives and plates. It won’t be a little apartment, it will be a decent size. We will get to know stuff around our suburb. We will get to know where the bridges in Venice are for example.

The downside of going to Europe for a long time is that you can’t bring all your stuff. I’ll miss all my lego and big ted. I’ll miss having a big driveway to play in. There will be lots more people around. And just when I get used to the first house there will be an extra move to the next one and I’ll have to adjust again.

I’ll have to leave all my friends and family behind, and it will be weird not understanding what everyone else is saying. It will be hard to meet new people that don’t speak your language.

The thing I am looking forward to the most is to see the Colosseum. It’s one of the most famous architectural sites ever. It’s quite impressive. I like Italian food and I want to eat delicious food overlooking the Colosseum.