We are going to Italy and France and I am very excited. We are going for six months. We are going to go to awesome places and Oli is going to say “this church is boring”. I am going to have so much fun!

We are going for a holiday and to experience life in Venice. We are going to stay in two places. One in Venice, one in Paris. It will be good because we will have time to get used to the house for a few months. We will know how to get around.

I’m looking forward to having my birthday overseas. I’m also looking forward to going to different beaches. It will be summer in Italy and so it will be quite hot. It will be nice to be in the cool water. I will investigate what shells there are in each area of the beach. It will be interesting how different people react in another country. Like if they want to line up for something will they push in front of you.

It will be hard and different and weird living in Venice and Paris. It will be hard because we will have to talk to strangers to get directions, to book things and in coffee shops. We are going to have trouble saying things in Italy. I am probably going to vomit on the plane.

I’m going to miss all my friends and my lunch orders and my school. I’m going to miss my house. I’m going to miss my cosy bed, my overgrown garden and my fish. I’m not looking forward to having my birthday in summer. Because my birthday is in winter usually I don’t get hot.

My favourite building in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. That is what I am looking forward to the most.