Have Visa, Will Travel

Adventures of the Melik Binghams


March 2017

What I Expect, by Oliver

We are going to Europe for six months and it’s going to be fun because we are going to discover new places we’ve never been to before. Germany is an example. Also last time we went to Venice we didn’t see all of it so we will see the rest of it this time.

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What I Expect, by Lucy

We are going to Italy and France and I am very excited. We are going for six months. We are going to go to awesome places and Oli is going to say “this church is boring”. I am going to have so much fun!

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Venice, and why you too should go for three months

A common refrain when I mention we have three months in Venice is “It isn’t that big is it? What will you do for that long?” The answer to that is simple. We intend to get lost. A lot.

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