Yay! We now actually ‘have visa’ and in two and a half months we ‘will travel’.

Being Australian is, in general, awesome. The weather is by and large pretty good. There are plenty of good Japanese restaurants. A guy can call another guy ‘mate’ if they forgot their name, avoiding awkwardness.

Two major downsides of being Australian are these. First, the people sometimes elect tool-bags like Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. Second, you can only go to Europe for three months at a time without a visa. And that’s three-months-within-a-six-month-period three months. Not three-months-then-pop-out-of-the-country-and-back. That’s a real bummer if you want to, say, go to Venice and Paris for six months. Because six is more than three, by double.

Long story short we have our Italian elective residency visas. Months of gathering documents and stressing over our attractiveness to the Italian state has culminated in a hologrammed sticker in our passports. Look for a future post from Melik on the ups and downs of the visa process.

The best thing about officially being a resident in Venice? I can complain about all the bloody tourists without hypocrisy. I am quite excited that we will number amongst the 55,000 locals, not the 60,000 tourists. I fear this subtlety will be lost on the “real” locals though.