It was another balmy August afternoon in Oak Beach, Far North Queensland. I woke up from the second of my daily naps. Staring out the window, I took a moment to soak in the view of the rainforest. We (Svet and I) were coming to the end of a week and a half of FNQ holidaying. Napping and view-soaking were luxuries available for one key reason. The kids were 2400-odd kms south, enjoying time with grandparents in chilly Melbourne.

I don’t know what prompted the stray thought. Being warm in the middle of winter. Having no hectic schedule to follow. Having time for whatever. But at that moment it seemed perfectly reasonable that we should do this again. For longer. Like, much longer. And in Paris. I don’t know why Paris apart from, well, why not?

Staring at this view I thought, “Let’s live in Paris for 6 months”. Makes sense, no?

And so here we are. Eighteen odd months later and we are in countdown mode. Soon, a canal-side Venetian villa will become home for three months. Then another three in Paris, living in the shadow of the Tour Eiffel.

The idea is to use these two amazing locations as a base from which to explore the European countryside. We’ll choose a favourite cafe, shop at local markets, wander the backstreets. Some weeks we’ll head to another town, or state, or country. The list of places to visit is longer than time and money will allow, but we’ll do what we can. Hopefully we’ll balance getting a taste of local life with travelling far and wide.

That, in a nutshell, is the why and how of the trip.

So why write about it?

Svet and I started this blog as a way to document our adventure. This is as much for our own memories as for family and friends who may want to follow along.

We’ll also write about the planning process and obstacles faced. Experiences shared on blogs were a helpful resource for us. I hope this blog helps someone else in turn.

The kids will contribute as well, a way to journal their on-the-road schooling. They’ll be missing over half a school year, so they’ll need a way to keep their learnin’ going.

Want to know how we go?

If you’ve read this far, you may be a good candidate to follow along for the next few months. If your name is Mary, Allen, Garry or Lyuba it is likely your son / son-in-law has already set you up. For others, you have options. You can subscribe via email (check the footer of any page). If you are on the Facebook, look for Svet’s inevitably hilarious posts. And I’ll be dipping my toe in the Instagram waters.